Designs By Alfreda

I am a business owner with a degree from Cleary College. I established Designs By Alfreda in 2012 and have taken my products to various shows and establishments as well as operating an online Etsy Shop. Originally from Mississippi, I now reside in Michigan and enjoy spending time with my four children and three grandchildren.

Winter Fade, Ring in Spring

There’s something about the melting snow giving way to crocuses pushing up the ground. It’s nature’s way of announcing it’s a new season, causing my internal clock to chime, “It’s time to get busy!” The dawn of spring gets my creative juices flowing, and I ponder the possibilities of combining new elements to add a […]

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A Sweet Keepsake

The beginning of Valentine’s Day isn’t very romantic. Although this beginning wasn’t very romantic, changes were made for a positive celebration that has continued on until this day. Two different men of faith with the last name Valentine, were ordered executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II in the third century. It is believed the Catholic

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Always the Perfect Gift

A gift basket never goes out of style. Whether you’re saying, “Thank you,” “Congratulations,” or “I love you” a gift basket communicates your care and puts your generosity on display. Receiving the artfully collected items in one container is like experiencing a wave of wonder and surprise. One exclamation of “Wow” is multiplied when exploring

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Breast Cancer Awareness

One in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s an illness that annually takes the lives of approximately 42,000 women and 500 men in the U.S. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is a great time to remind people of the importance of testing and supporting vital research into

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Don’t buy a tie!

Dad’s like to be surprised too, and Designs By Alfreda has just the Father’s Day gift that will bring smiles and relief that it’s not a tie! Fathers add so much to our lives; wisdom, affirmation, support, and most importantly love. Show dad that you think he’s sweet with a basket filled with satisfying, delicious, and fresh snacks. Let

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Mother’s Day Musings

Mothers are as different as a cloud formation at sunset. Some are brilliant with the last rays of the day and others shrouded in shadows. Some are robust and opaque, while others are wispy and translucent. No matter the personality, the character, or the degree of nurturing, they are the women who chose to be

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Hop to it!

A wreath, how grand, something special in all the land! A circle of brambles, flowers and whim With color and delight over the brim! No time to delay, Let’s tuck winter away With a wreath by Alfreda And cause your neighbors to say viola´!

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Hope Springs Eternal

We are confronted daily with so many harsh realities-wars, racial tension, financial collapses, loss. Focusing on the woes of life can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just need a little color to make the world a little less dismal; a little more hopeful. And while a spring wreath won’t solve the problems of the world, it

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Christmas Upon Us!

  Shiny packages adorned with festive bows, a familiar holiday song, change clanging into a red kettle, a gentle snowfall, and the scent of cinnamon, pumpkin, and evergreen. The Christmas season puts the senses on high alert and each sight, sound, and smell elicits a feeling of warmth, comfort, and joy.  Anticipation hangs in the

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