Slowly Going from Fall to Winter

As the days continue to get cooler and Fall is slowly drifting away, I find myself still in creativity mode and reorganization. It’s nice to be able to work to provide special services and to put care and energy in making others happy. Reflecting on Fall and continuing to work everything through is both challenging and rewarding.

I love the beautiful colors of Fall but I’m looking forward to the Winter and Christmas colors. Colors are part of the beauty of the world.

Welcoming Fall

While we are preparing for our Christmas shows, I took a break to welcome Fall. I see Fall and/or Autumn as a fresh beginning. It’s a start to cooler weather. It’s colorful with so many places to walk or drive to see the Fall colors. It’s special in another sense for me. It the season in which I was born as well as my mom, one of my sisters, and my oldest daughter.

So while the weather is turning cooler,see Fall as new beginnings and new opportunities. Enjoy this season.

What is the favorite thing you like about Fall?

A ReLaunch

Working a full time job and running a business can take its toll. Having your own business is rewarding but tiresome. However, the good news-since retiring, I can spend more exciting times working on my business. At present, I’m restructuring, designing, looking at what worked, what I need to add, new trends, reorganizing, retooling, you name it, we’re doing it.

We will be sharing more in the coming weeks. Our grand opening for the relaunch, will be happening next year. Until the next time, make it a fabulous and fun Saturday.

Spa Equals Relaxation

What do you like in a Spa Basket?

Relax. Relax. Relax. When I think of the word spa, the word relaxation comes to mind. The word spa is a noun and is defined as a mineral spring giving health benefits; a place or resort with a mineral spring. Webster’s dictionary also defines it as a mineral spring; a resort with mineral springs. It further defines it as a fashionable hotel or resort. All of these spell out relaxation to me.

I like to think that a spa basket can translate into relaxation. This is so because it’s filled with contents that spell out relaxation because of their pleasant and soothing smells and how they make you feel. The right tools and the right products makes for ones on personal spa in a spa gift basket.

When I do a spa basket, I like to include such things as a fragrant candle, a soothing lotion, a good sugar body scrub, loofah, and a bath net sponge, to name a few. The color and theme of the basket enhances it and gives a special feeling. So fabulous products and tools adds to its ambience.

Spa Time

The Unedible Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes, if you have ever seen one or made one, can make you just go wild on your creativity. I made my first one some years ago. Looking back I realize it was just okay. Since them I’ve been honing my skills on making them.

Diaper cakes are a great addition to any baby shower. A diaper cake is both decorative and practical. It adds a special touch to the theme, color, and decoration of the shower. It’s practical because the diapers can be used for the baby. The cake can stay pretty for the shower but can later be broken down to use the diapers for the precious new little one.

When making the diaper cake, I take great care in using the diapers and making sure they can eventually be used for their intended use. I love making the diaper cake beautiful and oh so elegant. Take a look a this one that was made especially for a precious little baby girl.

Created for a special little girl due to arrive any day now. The diaper also included other gifts for the baby and the mom.