Mother’s Day Musings

Mothers are as different as a cloud formation at sunset. Some are brilliant with the last rays of the day and others shrouded in shadows. Some are robust and opaque, while others are wispy and translucent. No matter the personality, the character, or the degree of nurturing, they are the women who chose to be carriers of life.

Celebrating mothers in May is a long-standing American practice. Traditionally, flowers, candy, cards and dinners have been ways that we honor the women who bear the title of mother, mama, ma’ dear, mom, mommy. I invite you to take a different approach this year and give that special woman a gift that welcomes a little “personal indulgence.” A spa gift basket has all the carefully selected elements to give mom a relaxing moment in the comfort of home. From scented soaps and candles to bath bombs and manicure sets, this gift has over a dozen items that will give mom hours of pampering. Designs by Alfreda is ready with a gift that says, “You are loved and appreciated.”