Valentine’s Day – A Day to Show You Care

I love you.

We say it and show it in a myriad of ways.

We convey love by using phrases like:

            I don’t know what life would be like without you

            You make my world brighter

Be careful

I’m proud of you

You’re special

Call me when you get home

We express love to others through various acts including:

            A meal at a favorite restaurant

            Building a shelf for all your favorite books

            Making a heart in the sand with your name in the middle

            Baking a delectable dessert

            Providing a back rub and foot massage

            Snuggling up to watch a movie together

Gift-giving is also a wonderful way to communicate affection. Tickets to your favorite sports game, a piece of jewelry, a bouquet of flowers, chocolate treats, or a spa or snack baskets from Designs By Alfredadon’t miss an opportunity to tell that someone special that they are loved.