Nothing Like Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings can be so relaxing.  You’re not bothered by having to get out of the door early morning.  You sit and relax.  Have a cup of coffee and likely read the news on the internet.  Back in the day it was the Sunday morning newspaper you held in your hand.  People lived for that cup of coffee and Sunday morning newspaper.

I know first hand about that Sunday morning newspaper.  Not necessarily reading it, but having a paperboy in my home.  My oldest son delivered newspaper as a teenager.  His route was in our neighborhood.  Wow!  If some people’s newspaper was two minutes late getting to them, the Ann Arbor News was calling our house.  For the most part, he got them out on time but occasionally ran behind.

Sunday mornings for us are relaxing.  My husband and I get up and have our quiet time.   Then on to breakfast with a nice cup of coffee and tea.  I drink coffee and my husband drinks tea.  However, we both like our hazlenut creamer added to our hot cup of liquids.  After preparation we head for church.  We attend church with a very lovely congregation.  Church service is always something we look forward to and is a jump start to our week.

What does your Sunday mornings consist us?  Do you try to relax?  Do you like getting the news first thing on Sundays?  Is attending church part of your Sundays?  However you use your Sundays, let it be a time to refresh and relax.  Take good care of yourself and make it a great day!

Author: Alfreda

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