Life After Retirement

It’s a late Sunday night but that’s okay with me. I’ve had a full day. Of course, church was online again today due to Covid-19. We had a nice dinner. Thank God for a crock pot. Crock pots make life a little easier.

Being up late with me is fine because I’m my own boss. I love being to create and design. Working for yourself takes time management and discipline but as I’m adjusting, I’m learning and growing. However, I’m grateful to finally have this opportunity. I love learning and challenging myself as I’m building an Etsy shop and learning the new platform of WordPress. I’m anticipating utilizing my own website more.

Whatever point you are in life, take it one day at a time. My motto is pray, plan, believe, expect. I have a great hope and I have joy.

Designs from a few days ago.
Happy Customer
My Workspace
Workspace – I call my workspace my Studio
One of my Patriotic Wreaths
Another one of my Patriotic Wreaths
Happy Customer

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