For the Love of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets in America. I really like chocolate and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like chocolate.  That is, not until I met my husband.  He does not like chocolate.  He likes nothing that is chocolate–no chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, not even chocolate cake.

Do you have a favorite chocolate?  There’s white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with raspberry, chocolate with nuts, and just an array of flavors and combinations of chocolate treats.  One chocolate we can indulge in guilt free is dark chocolate. Because it is said dark chocolate offers health benefits.

Dark chocolate actually taste very good in my opinion.  I’m guessing, because it taste good and has health benefits it’s a win win.  Some of those health benefits are:  1) It’s nutritious; 2) Could improve brain functions; 3)  Has powerful source of antioxidants; 4) May improve blood flow and lower blood pressure; 5) Raises HDL and protects LDL from oxidation; 6) May reduce heart disease risk; and 7) May protect your skin from the sun.  These are benefits we could all use.  So feel free to eat up on chocolate, dark chocolate specifically.  Of course, I’m one to say, all things in moderation.

Basket filled with Chocolate

Gifts From the Heart

When buying a gift for someone, it’s so important to buy something for them based on their personality.  How well you know them helps in this way.  Because the more you know the person, makes it that much easier.

Knowing them well, you can consider their hobbies, favorite color, or maybe a sentimental item.  It’s all about getting something you know they will enjoy.

What if you do not know them well?  How do you buy for someone you know very little about?  Maybe consider taking them to lunch.  If you know of someone who knows them better, seek their advice.  Considering a homemade hostess gift could be an excellent ideal too.

I’m a gift basket designer.  I love making them and I love receiving them as gifts.  I think they make awesome gifts because they can be made for any gender and any age.  You can include items that they like and practical ones.  You can even include fun items.

 Do a little research or web surfing for gift  ideas for helpful hints.  Make a list of possible ideas.  The most important thing in gift giving is giving from the heart.  If you love the gift, it’s likely they will like it and love it too.

This Basket is filled with a lot of Goodies.  Snacks, movies, puzzles and other treats.