Spa Equals Relaxation

What do you like in a Spa Basket?

Relax. Relax. Relax. When I think of the word spa, the word relaxation comes to mind. The word spa is a noun and is defined as a mineral spring giving health benefits; a place or resort with a mineral spring. Webster’s dictionary also defines it as a mineral spring; a resort with mineral springs. It further defines it as a fashionable hotel or resort. All of these spell out relaxation to me.

I like to think that a spa basket can translate into relaxation. This is so because it’s filled with contents that spell out relaxation because of their pleasant and soothing smells and how they make you feel. The right tools and the right products makes for ones on personal spa in a spa gift basket.

When I do a spa basket, I like to include such things as a fragrant candle, a soothing lotion, a good sugar body scrub, loofah, and a bath net sponge, to name a few. The color and theme of the basket enhances it and gives a special feeling. So fabulous products and tools adds to its ambience.

Spa Time

Author: Alfreda

The ideal to design gift baskets came to me when I started using some fabulous spa products. I thought it would be great to create beautiful gift baskets as gifts for someone to give to the special woman in their life--sweetheart, mother, sister, grandmother. You name it. A gift basket is a gift that fits all. It can be tailored as a gift for a man or woman, a new born baby or a teenager. Designs by Alfreda designs gift baskets that are pleasing to the eye and is filled with products that are fabulous. With a flair for color, the baskets are created with a wow factor. We have been doing baskets for sometime and aim to please customers. We want you to be pleased with your purchase.