A Tribute to My Mother

On December 3, 2018, my Mother left this present world.  It was hard saying goodbye.  She was a great mother.  She wasn’t perfect, but no one is, yet she did the best she could with what she had and knew.  I cherish her memories.  She lived on this earth for 91 years.  She lived to see her children grow up, to see her grandchildren even up to her great great grandchildren.  For this I’m truly grateful.

There are so many memories to cherish of her.  She will forever be in my heart.  Her legacy lives on in me.  It lives in the lessons she taught me and the kindness she showed to others.  It lives in her zest for life–enjoying good food and good company, laughter, the joy of travel, the joy of volunteering and helping others.  I’m forever thankful to God for giving me her as a mom.  Thank you God for the years she was here.  Thank you for letting me see her and spend time with her before she left this world.  You are an awesome God and I thank you for my mother.  

Now I only have memories and pictures to share.  I will no longer be able to hear her voice except from a voicemail or two that is still on my phone.  I will miss her smile and sense of humor.  There will no longer be meals that we will sit down together to share.  Yet dear Jesus help me to have time for and show love to my family that I can still see and hear.  Let me be grateful and to remember to give them their flowers while they are able to see and smell them.  Please God.  Thank you.