– Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate –

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate? There are very few people that do not like chocolate.

To give a brief history of chocolate. First of all, chocolate was done in liquid form with no sugar. It was a fashionable drink throughout Europe around the 17th Century. It was a drink for a priviledge few.

In about 1815, a Dutch chemist discovered a way to reduce the bitter taste. Soon after this solid chocolate was born. The first chocolate bar was created in 1847 by Joseph Frye. And you know since this time, there is an array of chocolates to choose from.

When I want to spurge, my go to chocolate is dark chocolate. If I have milk chocolate, I like to have one with nuts included. For my birthday my children sent me another one of my favorite chocolate treat–turtle chocolate with pecans. That was special.

If you include chocolate in a gift, try to make it a chocolate without nuts. This is so, if you are not sure if the recipient has a nut allergy.

If you receive a gift of chocolate, what kind do you prefer? Do you like chocolate with nuts? Are you a fan of dark chocolate since it is suggested to be healthier for us?


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