Coffee Coffee Coffee

Most people like their morning Joe.  I personally drink a cup every morning.  Of course, it needs to have hazelnut creamer for me to really enjoy it.

These days and time we have so many choices for coffee.  Different flavors and different temperature.  Hot coffee and now you can get ice coffee.  I guess if there is hot tea we can have cold coffee.

Some people drink black coffee, while others prefer flavored coffee.  Or you can start with plain coffee and add flavored creamer to it.  There are coffee shops all over the place.  Occasionally I venture to a coffee shop but my MO is usually a cup at home and I’m good to go.

It is said that coffee has some health benefits.  However, the health benefits are found mostly in the plain coffee.  When we add creamer and sugar, we’re adding calories which probablay isn’t so healthy.  Plain coffee I do not do.  I like a little flavor with my coffee.  Coffee to me smells great, coffee without flavored creamer or sugar is literally not my cup of tea.

Whichever way you like your coffee–hot or cold, flavored or black, take the time to smell your coffee and enjoy your life.

Make it a great day!!!


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