A Unique Shopping Experience

Mass-produced merchandise for home décor may not strike your fancy or lacks the pizzazz you want in a home accent. When you shop from an Etsy business, you know you’re buying a one-of-a-kind design that can be funky, classy, edgy, or practical. That’s why I like being part of the Etsy family of designers. Not only do I hang my shingle alongside some of the most creative people in the nation, but I’m also an Etsy shopper.  There are thousands of products made by hard-working, thoughtful, and imaginative entrepreneurs. It’s a fulfilling place to operate, and knowing that our products are being shipped with care to customers across the country. When I step into my studio and begin the process of combining textures, colors, and shapes into a unique gift, I have you in mind. I envision your hearth or door where a wreath made by Designs by Alfreda will hang. I see the smiles of recipients when they receive a spa or movie night gift basket. I put myself in the circle of friends when the expectant mother unwraps the hamper that’s chock full of carefully selected baby necessities and cherished keepsakes. So, when I’m designing a gift, it’s always with the pleasure of knowing happiness and joy will follow.