Have a Blast!

Fireworks and the 4th of July go hand-in-hand, but did you know the use of fireworks for the first Independence Day was the new nation thumbing their nose at the British? Fireworks were used by the British to celebrate the birthdays of kings and queens and in an act of defiance, America set off fireworks celebrating the “death” of the king’s power over the colonies.

Philadelphia (the capital of the U.S. at the time) was the first city to celebrate July 4th with the firing of guns, cannons, bonfires and fireworks. The tradition soon spread to other cities and towns and fireworks remain a staple of the July 4th celebration.

If you lean more toward a quieter acknowledgement of the holiday but still wish to salute our nation’s freedom, bursts of red, white, and blue can be incorporated in your home d├ęcor. Pinwheels, flags, buntings, ribbons, and blooms will add a patriotic flare to your home this summer.  Designs by Alfreda has been creating wreaths in America’s colors for years. Browse through the various designs, and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, a custom wreath can be ordered. Happy 4th!