10 Reasons to purchase a gift basket created by Designs by Alfreda

1.     Baskets are tailored to a theme

2.     Every item is carefully selected to tie-in to the theme

3.     A gift basket shows your thoughtfulness

4.     A gift card may be perceived as impersonal, but never a personalized gift basket

5.     A basket is an overflow of generosity, with many gifts to use over time

6.     Each gift basket has to pass the Designs by Alfreda “Wow!” factor

7.     A gift basket takes the burden of shopping off of you

8.     All baskets are adorned with a Designs by Alfreda signature bow

9.     Long after the occasion, the basket can be incorporated into your home décor or used for practical purposes

10. Whether the basket is for an anniversary or for an entire bridal party, there’s no order too big or small.